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'71 Marshall 1960A eye candy


Apr 6, 2010
I got the grill cloth at Tubes & More maybe 10 years ago and have enough for another cab. Originally I was looking for a used BX to make a pseudo 69 stack but now I've collected these others so I will probably sell it if I find another Large Check to match my 74. There are old threads on my amp builds in the amp section.


Well-known member
Dec 3, 2006
My Stacks, which aren't being used much at this time....:(
The 2 heads are high end clones I built, JTM45 left and JMP50 68 lead spec right. I do have a 73 Super Lead and a 74 50 watt.
Left stack is a 79 on top and 76 bottom, both small check. Right stack is a re-grilled 2000 AX with '78 Black Backs on top and a 74 bottom with cream backs. The AX has added bracing as in the 71 and older cabs.
They all sound pretty ding dang nice! :)

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