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The "Official" Custom Shop Tour by Gibson TV / Gear Guide


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Apr 6, 2005
Hmm... What will we learn? :unsure:

Dinesh visits with Dustin Wainscott of the Custom Shop, Made to Measure Program Director

Actually, an Explorer neck on a Les Paul has been done before Dinesh... meet Aldo Nova.


0:00 Behind the scenes
0:53 What’s the Gibson Custom Shop? Core Collection, Modern Collection, Murphy Lab, Made To Measure
2:05 The Gibson Wood Library
6:14 Whitewood - Your guitar’s journey begins
12:01 Shaping and carving your guitar top
17:30 The binding process
21:25 Sculpting YOUR Gibson guitar necks & fingerboards
34:14 Dyeing your Gibson Custom guitar
38:41 Pickup routes
42:50 Spraying, binding scraping & finishing your Gibson Custom guitar
49:57 Gibson Murphy Lab room
50:22 Plek’ing process
53:22 Final assembly - rolling fretboards, installing hardware & electronics
59:42 Final inspection and QC
1:02:49 Coolest Gibson Made To Measure custom orders!
1:06:19 What’s possible with Gibson Made To Measure?
1:10:48 Gibson Master Artisan Studio Tour

'It's not just a job, it's an adventure'
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Apr 6, 2005
I have to say: cheers to whoever thought to spec a M2M Murphy Lab '56 SG'.

This is the type of 'parallel universe' thing I'd like to see regular runs of!