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Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...


Nov 2, 2019
so if you break a string on stage the screw and saddle will fall out ?

do they give you a spare set with the bridge ?

looking at the top of a 4U bridge , is it the same width as a historic or the original ?


Well-known member
Jun 25, 2008
Yeah, if you ever break strings a spare saddle/screw would be warranted. Spares didn’t come with mine but I imagine that could be worked out. I’ve used 11-48 ga strings for the past 11 years and have never popped a string in that time, but if I was playing out now I’d have a spare.

As was mentioned the saddles fit nicely into the wells with very good contact with string pressure. The body of the bridge is the same familiar shape visually ( I have the NOS)