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  1. GimmeGibson

    Physical waves on R8 top

    So my new 2021 R8 has these waves on the very edges of the top, right near the binding. Not the optical waves we all love, I mean a physical waviness (dips and rises like a warped record) running around the top edge. It’s not all the way around and not deep enough that I noticed it in the store...
  2. GimmeGibson

    NGD 2.0

    Last Friday I posted about my new R8 I had bought. But I returned it. It was a great guitar at a great price as it was a previously owned guitar. The guy had it for a few days then traded it back for a R9. But I guess that bothered me. It did have a few tiny blemishes on it. The shop had also...
  3. GimmeGibson


    At least it will be next week some time. I just had my local Long & McQuade order an R8 from their warehouse. A brand new, sealed in the box, 1958 Les Paul VOS Reissue in Washed Cherry. I had to say the full name there just because it feels good! So, really looking forward to adding it to the...
  4. GimmeGibson

    Ding in top

    So I noticed that a have a tiny dent in the top of my several week old Translucent Cherry Classic. Not sure when or how it even happened? Question is not really how to fix it as I’ve read some of the posts, and I think that would be more trouble than what the tiny dent looks like. (Not much...
  5. GimmeGibson

    A stupid question

    There is another Les Paul site where the forum looks very much like this one, perhaps you people are aware of it. I am on both of them. My (stupid) question is, are they related in any way? I don’t want to be posting the identical topics on both if there is a crossover of some sort. If they are...
  6. GimmeGibson

    LP weights

    So interesting. People often discuss the weight of their Les Pauls. So now that I have two to compare I got around to checking this out. The two models are, a 50’s Standard (2019) and a Classic (2020). The Standard is a solid body and the Classic is the 9 hole relief model. I triple checked each...
  7. GimmeGibson

    NGD-LP Classic Translucent Cherry

    Had an itch for new guitar. I grabbed my Squire Contemporary off the wall where it was really only wall art, my Epiphone Tribute Plus which I never played since getting my Gibson 50’s Standard, and went shopping. Well to be honest I knew what I was looking for. I had seen this 2020 Classic the...
  8. GimmeGibson

    Sore neck

    Yes, sore neck. So I am 59, not exactly a model of physical fitness…more of a poster boy for couch potatoes. I have returned to my musical ways after years of not playing and I find myself getting a sore neck, the degree of which is directly proportional to hours spent playing the previous day...