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  1. au_rick

    Mini Marshall or Marshall Mini ?

  2. au_rick

    What do you collect ?

    Just wondering if anyone has a penchant for collecting a particluar type of guitar (other than Fenders and Gibsons) ?
  3. au_rick

    Tone Wood vs No Wood

    Interesting ?
  4. au_rick

    Wah Wah Pedal Recommendations

    I have a Dunlop cry baby, but wondering what others might use that doesn't "thin" your tone out so much (if any) ?
  5. au_rick

    Tech Pickup Question ?

    Hi All, there are a few guitars around with HSS configuration but with the humbucker rotated, ie. not parallel with the bridge (some EVH and other similar models). What's the theory behind this please ?
  6. au_rick

    Maybe there's hope for Beano yet ?

  7. au_rick

    WD-40 for your Burst ?

    Joe Walsh explaining how to set up a '58 Les Paul Would you use WD-40 :eek: ??
  8. au_rick

    Jcm900 in Purple

    Hi peeps. I've just bought a nice sounding JCM900 with purple tolex and a light grill cloth (instead of black) Can anyone advise if this was some sort of limited edition, or just a colour option please ? Thanks,... Rick.
  9. au_rick

    Stop Tail studs pulling out

    Hi all, is this common, and what is the recommended fix to stop the studs pulling out of the wood again please ?
  10. au_rick

    LPF Data Breach / Security Compromise ?

    Just received a message from Chrome that my LPF password has been compromised :|
  11. au_rick

    1950's LPC Alnico V "Staple" Pickups ?

    Hi All, Is anyone aware of anybody making clones of these pickups nowadays please ???
  12. au_rick

    Les Paul Junior SC vs DC ?

    In the market for a nice Junior TV Special. Any opinions / feedback re: single cut vs double cut, tone, sustain, neck stability, etc please ?
  13. au_rick

    Concrete Guitar ??

  14. au_rick

    Les Paul Faded

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56OwQ4qKdPk Subjective I know, but what makes the Les Paul faded so good (or not) ?
  15. au_rick

    Peter Green's 'other' 'Burst

    so it seems there was another '59 Les Paul that was given to Peter Green in 1978 does anyone have any info on this guitar please ?
  16. au_rick

    Neck pickup placement ??

    Hi all When installing a humbucker in place of a single coil, is there a "magic" or "sweet spot" for placement. I have read that a 24 fret neck is more conducive to pickup placement for capturing subtle overtones etc. (proabably from PRS blurb) but what about 21 or 22 frets ? Is placement...
  17. au_rick

    Burst 58, 59, 60 Differences

    Just watched a youtube video from 2017 where Phil Harris busrts and he mentioned a couple of things: 1958 has a shallower neck angle than a '59 1960 has a higher bridge than a '59 I've seen a lot of discussions identifying / authentication of 'bursts here but never seen these attributes...
  18. au_rick

    Epiphone Dobro

    Hi All, has anyone bought or played one of these, if so what other resonators did you compre it to befiore buying ?
  19. au_rick

    Sansamp / Line6 / Strymon ???

    Hi All, anyone use such "amp in a pedal" that you use for gigging ? ie. something you can just plug into a house PA and get good amp / cab tones out of ?
  20. au_rick

    PAF mounted in to wood

    Has anyone tried mounting PAF's directly into the body (wood) of a Les Paul and did in affect the tone ?