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  1. MapleFlame

    Still needing a amp repair shop for 1956 GA-6

    A 56 GA-6 is about the simplest amp you could ever work on. I currently own a 55 GA-6 and 56 GA-20. Did all the work on both of them. If we had a picture of his amps innards, obviously that would be a start. Not Rocket science. I'd even offer a Zoom call and show on my amp everything to look out...
  2. MapleFlame

    Still needing a amp repair shop for 1956 GA-6

    What does it need work on? I'm pretty sure you can do all of the work yourself. There are so many videos on how to repair these amps. I've replaced many caps and resistors on my GA amps. Many guys as well as myself on this forum could help you out. All you need is a simple soldering iron...
  3. MapleFlame

    A Rare One....

    Wally, if you have a newer smart phone, just do a video. They do a pretty darn good job all things considered. I've never seen one of these, has me very intrigued to hear it as it's a very different kind of amp. Such great external condition. Great score.
  4. MapleFlame

    1956 Les Paul Special

    Pretty darn cool
  5. MapleFlame

    53,54 and 59 Fender Super amp comparison

    Thought I'd post a comparison of the wide panel 53 3x6SC7 version, 54 3x12ax7 and 59 narrow panel Super which is much higher power. https://youtu.be/fR7jbHU1y60
  6. MapleFlame

    The first time reconing Jensen Speakers

    My Quaranteen Project. Reconing and Restoring 50's Jensen Guitar speakers today. Not for the faint hearted. Hardest part is cleaning off all the previous glue from the paper cone/ grey surrounds and the orange spider in the bottom. Soldering the little voice coil wires were a tad scary seeing...
  7. MapleFlame

    Joe B got another one owner Burst

    Just saw on Joe's Instagram he bought another one owner Burst. The color is incredible. Case looks new.
  8. MapleFlame

    Anyone heard from MoonWeasel Stephen

    Hey I have been texting and Calling MoonWeasel Stephen for months and have not heard back from him. Anyone have contact with him. I'm actually worried. He lives in the Charlottesville area of Virginia.
  9. MapleFlame

    How many 50's Mary Kaye starts made

    I'm curious how many Mary Kaye strat made from 56-58.
  10. MapleFlame

    New Thread Idea "View My Guitar'

    Thought I would do something different on this forum and start a new idea Thread of Video, it's Called "View My Guitar" guitars are pristine, guitars have character, can show a wonderful History of how they traveled and were played. Here's my First installment. 1969 Gold Top Conversion...
  11. MapleFlame

    Be patient with reconed speakers

    If you remember a few months back I restored a 54 wide panel Twin amp that had 2 refined original Jensen P12Q speakers. I will not lie, they sounded like Shit. I have several 2x amps 10's and 12's as well as single speakers in amps and lose. I tried everything through that chassis. Each...
  12. MapleFlame

    All forgotten 69 Gold Top Conversion

    So many threads on 52-56 Conversions, gold, Bursted and even 68 Conversions. 69's at one point have a one piece Body, three piece necks but have "I really" think some great wood going on. Such an underrated and not talked about enough unless during "Wilko Era" luv yah bro. I purchased this...
  13. MapleFlame

    Original Dr. V Wolfetone pickups, love them Still

    I have a set of the original Dr. V WOLFETONE pickups in a replica and I love them, about a month ago I played an R7 that had been refined to a burst pattern and that guitar had the same series pickups, I was astonished on how good they sounded in a different guitar. All the same tone variables...
  14. MapleFlame

    Where's J45 "Kerry" Its been a long time.

    Has anyone heard from him or know how he is doing. Last I remember he was going through a tough time, which I wont mention. Kerry was great to have on here. Hope he is ok. Some one Holla at him.