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Recent content by au_rick

  1. au_rick

    Mini Marshall or Marshall Mini ?

  2. au_rick

    Morgan Burst

  3. au_rick

    Les Paul Push/Pull Out Of Phase

    I just use CTS push / pull pots or mini toggle swicthes for thre guitars I have wired up with out of phase and serial /parallel (wiring the pickups in series negates the "thinining" you get when out of phase)
  4. au_rick

    What do you collect ?

    Just wondering if anyone has a penchant for collecting a particluar type of guitar (other than Fenders and Gibsons) ?
  5. au_rick

    Tone Wood vs No Wood

    Interesting ?
  6. au_rick

    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    Don't all artists at some point refer to their last record as "the best record I've made yet" (excpet AC/DC who simply refer to it as "exactly the same as the last 13 records") :ROFLMAO:
  7. au_rick

    2016 Les Paul Standard tuning issues

    Have you checked that the stop tail post inserts aren't moving ??
  8. au_rick

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    I hope Santa leaves one under my tree :ROFLMAO:
  9. au_rick

    66 strat on reverb

    Yeah man, I like them :)
  10. au_rick

    Currently looking for a SSS Strat and I have noticed something about Fender.

    The early MIM Strats (1990's) were very good IMHO
  11. au_rick

    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    According to Pete's account, he "kicked him in the balls and sent him off"
  12. au_rick

    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    I think the slide for him and many others started when they all did duets with Tina Turner 🤣
  13. au_rick

    Wah Wah Pedal Recommendations

    Thanks everyone